Hundreds wait to receive a hot meal, but it’s uncertain when it might arrive


Beau Cabell

Barbara Hatcher, who lives alone in McAfee Towers, enjoys a lunch at her apartment brought by a Meals on Wheels staffer. Hatcher says the human contact is at least as nutritious as the crab salad, fruit and chocolate milk meal.

Every weekday around noon, Sherry Hatcher answers a knock on her door. The 70-year-old lives alone in a highrise apartment building on Gray Highway, and her daily visitor is a welcome break from the quiet of her otherwise lonely home.

Hatcher is one of the 1,200 home-bound residents of Middle Georgia who receives home-delivered lunches from Meals on Wheels of Middle Georgia each week. She suffers from arthritis, spinal disc issues and fibromyalgia, which makes it difficult for her to stand for a long time and cook.

Until Hatcher got off the wait list for Meals on Wheels, she said she ate a lot of sandwiches on the days she didn’t feel up to cooking. Now, she knows she’ll always get at least one nutritious meal a day. And she also knows that someone will stop by to check in on her.

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