Students make documentary about Ocmulgee National Historic Park

Students in the Storytelling for Social Change class at Mercer’s Center for Collaborative Journalism spent a semester reporting on the Ocmulgee National Historic Park and the movement to make it a national park. They reported on the history of forced removal, the modern fight to protect the land, the value of its biodiversity, and the importance of public hunting and fishing land. The students also included the current partnership with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, as the park and its advocates fight for it to become Georgia’s first national park. This film, edited by Katie Linkner, is the culmination of the students’ reporting.

Sloan Aubrey, Sara Brito, Jaycie Calvert, Bryant Jackson, McKenna Kaufman, Katie Linkner, Andrew Martin, Macee Palmer and Safia Tejani are the students who reported and created this film.