Mercerian’s Carrying Generational/Sentimental Items From Loved Ones


Piper Riser

Ahmed wearing his grandfather’s watch on his arm that was given to him during his first year in high school. Photo taken on February 3rd, 2023

For some, the memory of a passed loved one is gently tucked into a fold of a wallet or simply hidden by the collar of a shirt. While the significance of a photo, a letter, or even a piece of jewelry may seem trivial in the eyes of others, inherited items possess a unique memory that only the owner can share.

These are the stories behind some Mercerian’s own inherited or sentimental items.

Alessandro Cardali holding his Italian horn created by his grandfather while standing in the parking lot behind Stetson Hall on Mercer University’s campus on February 3rd, 2023. (Piper Riser)
Close-up image of Cardali holding his grandfather’s Italian horn. Photo taken on February 3rd, 2023 (Piper Riser)















Alessandro Cardarli said that his family is from Italy and that the Italian horn symbolizes good luck. Cardali said that he was surprised to receive the item from his father before going on a tour in Texas two years ago, unaware that his father had it. Cardali said he kept the Italian horn throughout the tour as a good luck charm.

“I guess it is something to remember him with, I mean I have other things, but that’s something that I have with me all the time, it’s just in my car.”

“I think it’s made out of aluminum, so he like made it, like hand-crafted it.”

Trint Benefield showing off a baby photo of his wife that he keeps in his wallet while standing behind Sherwood Dormitory on Mercer’s campus on February 3rd, 2023. (Piper Riser )
Benefield holding a handwritten letter his wife wrote him for his first day of training at his new job at Mercer. Photo taken on February 3rd, 2023. (Piper Riser)















Trint Benefield works as an area coordinator for Mercer’s housing and residence life on campus. For Benefield, his wife plays a huge role in his life.

“She’s usually the main thing that I keep around with me at any time.”

Benefield said that the name ‘Peanut’ written on the letter is the nickname his wife calls him.

“It was my first year here, my first training, I work in housing. Super nervous of course, first big-kid job, she wrote this for me and tucked it into my computer, so I found it the morning of training, and it really helped me.”


Adil Ahmed posing for the camera while sitting in a chair close to Cruz Plaza on Mercer’s campus on February 3rd, 2023. (Piper Riser)

Adil Ahmed said that his family’s view of him wearing his grandfather’s watch is Ahmed’s way of respecting the past and how his grandfather grew up and all that he’s been through.

“It’s sentimental in the fact that he wanted me to be more successful I guess, like continue on and always know that as you progress in your academics, and if you succeed in it, just know that valuable things will come to you afterward.”

Ahmed said that he always wears his grandfather’s watch when he goes to school because it gives off a professional vibe.

“I wouldn’t want to replace it that’s one thing, but one day I wanna gift him a similar type of watch but something better I guess.”