5 Hottest Items Selling in Local Macon Boutiques


Piper Riser

Clothing on a rack in closet

Fashion trends are fun, but boy can they be hard to keep up with. I contacted local boutiques in Macon, asking what items in terms of patterns, styles, articles of clothing, and colors have been selling the most in the last few months. Here are some of the hottest trending fashion items in local Macon boutiques so you can stay up-to-date and in style!


Winter Items/Seasonal Items

It’s no surprise that winter and seasonal items made it within the top five, considering we’re all in the midst of the winter months. Chunky and oversized sweaters were among some of the top-selling items in Frankie’s Boutique, alongside laying pieces such as winter turtle necks and cozy garments. In Daphne’s 525 boutique, they mentioned their sales largely depend on the individual’s interest, but they have noticed an uptick in sales regarding winter boots and general winter and seasonal apparel.


Hot/Bright Colors

Staying on top of trends also means staying on top of what colors are currently dominating the fashion industry. Right now, bright colors seem to be the talk of the town. Sorrella LLC said that hot pink has been quite popular in their boutique these days, while Rumor said that both hot pink and hot orange have been trending items in their boutique, especially in blazers. Next time you are out shopping, don’t forget to try on a bright color top or jacket if one is on the racket, you may end up taking home a new friend.


Retro Patterns and Bold Patterns

The saying goes that trends will repeat themselves every 20 to 30 years, and it seems that saying is holding true. Retro-style clothing is usually denoted by the creation of new clothing items purposely designed to replicate or imitate the style or fashion trends from a past generation. This could be like a mini dress with bell sleeves, created from a busy floral pattern popular in the late 1960s and 1970s. Bold patterns are similar to retro patterns, characterized by bright and vivid designs that capture the eye in some way. Frankie’s Boutique said that they have seen popularity rise in retro-style items they sell, especially in button-down tops. Similarly, boutique Rumor said they have noticed that retro-style tops and pajamas, along with dresses have become a prominent purchase among customers. 


Fun and or Statement Piece Jewelry

Jewelry is an important element in fashion, and depending on the piece, it can make or break an outfit. The general consensus from the local boutiques was that statement pieces, along with fun pieces are the most popular at the moment. Daphne 525 said that their best-selling products are their statement jewelry pieces that are sold in various colors like gold, silver, and rose gold, while Rumor said they have seen many customers purchase fun and bright earrings. Furthermore, Sorella said that statement pieces and fun diamonds are quite trendy during seasonal and prominent holidays, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, jewelry orders are sure to start flowing in. That being said, spoil yourself a little with a new unique set of diamond earrings or a bright new bracelet, you’re sure to fit right in with the trends.


Floral Print

As the spring season gradually approaches, the sales in floral print clothing are coming in hot. Boutiques like Frankie’s Boutique, Rumor, and Sorella LLC have seen floral print items rise in popularity recently. On Frankie’s Boutique’s website, their best sellers incorporate a floral print design button-down blouse and even floral print socks. But besides the best-sellers, there are several listings for floral printed dresses ranging in length, colors, and styles on their website. Rumor mentioned that they have seen popularity rising for floral print clothing items, especially in their boutique’s dresses, while boutique Sorrella LLC has simply noticed an increase in popularity and sells in the design. It’s probably best now to order your favorite floral dresses and tops before they are all gone.


Boutiques Mentioned:

Frankie’s Boutique

552 Cherry St, Macon, GA 31201



Daphne’s 525

420 Cherry St, Macon, GA 31201




4123 Forsyth Rd B, Macon, GA 31210



Sorella LLC

4357 Forsyth Rd # 170, Macon, GA 31210