Fathers Among Men begins ‘Activate Saturdays’

Frederick Sterdivant hopes all men, particularly fathers, see how important it is to be involved in all aspects of the community.

“Our kids help us push us to greater,” he said. “Just like we push them. Because when you know there’s somebody that’s watching your every step. You’re going to step. You’re going to move differently.”

That is why Sterdivant created Fathers Among Men with a friend of his, to help create community and consistency and inspire young men. This organization recently received a Macon Violence Prevention Grant for their program, “Activate Saturdays.”

On the first and third Saturdays of the month,  Fathers Among Men will host activities with their youth in the mornings. By partnering with other organizations, they will have programming for 8 hours. For more information visit fathersamongmen.org.