Five Ways To Fight Off The Flu


Flu season is in full swing and we all know about the shot and washing your hands. If your classrooms and offices are half-empty and half-full of sniffling peers, do not distress. Here are five simple ways to avoid contracting the flu.



1. Eat plenty of protein.

Not only is protein key to a balanced nutrition, it is key to a strong immune system, too. Foods high in protein include seafood, white-meat poultry, dairy, eggs and beans.

2. Get some sleep.

Being well-rested is a great defense against viruses and overall health. It’s hard to keep up a healthy immune system without proper rest so don’t forget your eight hours when fighting the flu.

3. Keep your cell phone clean.

Your cellphone not only touches your face, goes near your mouth and never leaves your hands, it is also exposed to your every activities. Keeping your mobile clean with definitely help you stay away from harmful germs.

4. Eat zinc.

Zinc treats and relieves cold and flu symptoms. Taking zinc in cough-drop form especially helps with an annoying scratchy throat.

5. Clean communal surfaces.

This may seem obvious but it makes a big difference when it comes to staying well. Because people are often contagious before they know to stay home, cleaning common spaces will be your strongest defense against viruses.