Just Curious (feedback edition): When is it appropriate to start playing Christmas music?

Just Curious (feedback edition): When is it appropriate to start playing Christmas music?

The holiday season has begun, and Christmas is quickly approaching.

Lights and Christmas trees are popping up around the city, and several stores are starting to play their list of seasonal tunes.

Everyone has their opinion on when the Christmas season is in full swing, so in this feedback edition of the “Just Curious” series, we wanted to know when you think it is acceptable to start playing Christmas music.

These were your answers…

“I usually start playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving,” Lesli Underwood said. “I just like to celebrate Thanksgiving before I get into Christmas.”

Laverne Snipes also said she starts playing the music around the time of Thanksgiving. Waiting until November helps her “get into the Christmas spirit,” she said.

Spencer Geerlings said he prefers to wait until December when the weather is cold and he is in more of the Christmas mood.

Kathryn Lyles had a unique response, saying that she starts playing the music immediately after Halloween.

“The music’s just happy, and (there’s) such a short amount of time after Thanksgiving,” she said. “So I feel like it’s okay to go ahead and start it because you want to enjoy it longer.”

LaShun Mays said his family’s tradition is what influences him to wait until early November before he starts playing the music.

“My grandmother did it for so many years, so that’s what i grew up on,” he said.

For Anna Leigh Nix, there is no debate about when to start playing the tunes.

“Definitely after Thanksgiving,” she said. “I mean, you’re not even done eating the turkey. I just don’t think it’s right.”

Nicolle Smith carries a love for Christmas with her throughout the year. She starts playing the festive melodies before the leaves have fully changed color.

“October 1st. (There’s) something about Christmas. You have to prepare months in advance,” she said. “It doesn’t begin December 1st. I play Christmas music while I’m cleaning my house. We play it in the cars. My husband, he loves to play the Christmas radio stations.”

Smith said she and her family are big fans of the holiday and that she put up her Christmas tree several weeks ago.