Bibb County schools won’t post COVID-19 numbers this year

Vaccination required for school visitors


Grant Blankenship/GPB

Danielle Howard, principal of Ingram Pye Elementary School in Macon, greets students on their first day back to face-to-face instruction in 2020.

Bibb County Schools are not posting COVID-19 numbers online this year, according to the school district and Stephanie Hartley. 

Bibb County posted COVID-19 data to its website during the 2020-21 school year that broke cases down by school and whether it involves students or staff, but has since changed this policy. The school district’s website houses COVID-19 guidelines and information, but does not list the number of coronavirus cases within schools or any other coronavirus-related data.

The school district has also changed its policy on who is allowed to visit Bibb County schools. Volunteers still have to be pre-approved but also must now submit proof of vaccination prior to visiting the school, according to the updated information on the Bibb County School District website.

Approved volunteers can enter the school once they verify vaccination status but still have to wear masks. They will also sign in using Check-Mate and answer COVID-19 safety questions before entering.

General visitors are not allowed in the school with the exception of specific medical circumstances. Parents are strongly encouraged to schedule conferences or meetings prior to visiting the school.

As for COVID-19 protocols within schools, little has changed since Bibb County announced them last month. Masks are required in all school buildings, except during breakfast and lunch. Vaccinations, while not required, are strongly encouraged.

There are contact tracing measures in place, but students who test positive for COVID-19 are not identified to other students, according to Bibb County schools. 

Students returned to Bibb County schools on Aug. 4.