Bibb-County School District alters their COVID-19 procedures


Grant Blankenship/GPB

Danielle Howard, principal of Ingram Pye Elementary School in Macon, greets students on their first day back to face-to-face instruction in 2020.

When COVID-19 pushed public schools online, students and faculty alike struggled with virtual school. Thanks to new guidelines from the CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health, the Bibb-County School District is returning to in-person classes with new procedures.

The procedures were originally released in June, but were updated on July 12. Dr. Curtis Jones, the Superintendent at Bibb County School District, said that he wanted to remain flexible when it came to the procedures but also follow the CDC guidelines. 

General Procedures 

  • Wearing a mask is highly encouraged. 
  • No masks are required outdoors.
  • Masks are required on school buses. 
  • Visitors will be screened, asked questions about their status, and will be required to wear a mask if they are not vaccinated. 

Group Sizes

  • Class sizes are back to normal. Students should take precautionary measures such as hand washing, wearing masks (highly recommended) and socially distancing 3 feet in hallways.
  • Buses are back to normal loads but masks are required on them.
  • Principals can allow students to eat in the cafeteria, but it is suggested that they send maybe only half or a third of the student body at the same time. 

Extra Measures

  • The district will continue to use temperature kiosks to check temperatures of those entering buildings; however, temperatures will not be recorded. 
  • Everyone is working from the building. Working from home is not an option.
  • The District will highly encourage individuals who meet the age criteria to be vaccinated.
  • The District will avoid large gatherings and use virtual options when possible as virtual meetings are encouraged.


  • Quarantine time is 10 days asymptomatic.
  • If staff members are quarantined, they will have to use their own sick days unless they are vaccinated. Vaccinated staff members are not required to use their own sick days. 
  • Staff members and students who are vaccinated will not have to quarantine. 
  • There will be a code of student abscess due to quarantine. Instruction of quarantined students will take place asynchronously though Canvas. There will be no Hi-Flex model.


Jones and the Bibb-County School District noted that these procedures are flexible and are for the students, faculty, and staff. 

“For us, it’s about keeping faculty, staff, and students safe,” Jones said. “’I’m very thankful for those who are willing to read this and comply and help us maintain that safe learning environment.”

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