Macon Studio holds meetup for artists


Credit: StARTup Studios

As artists, Bryan and Yen-Ting Beck, the Co-owners of StARTup Studios, pointed out how hard it is for artists who are no longer in art school to consistently have their work critiqued. 

As critique can be vital to an artist’s creative process, StARTup Studios is having their first ever Artist Meetup and Critique to provide a place where artists can meet and critique their work. 

The event is scheduled for July 7 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. inside StARTup Studios on 1055 Riverside Dr. 

The Becks, Yen-Ting said, attend every event in Macon to meet artists. Through those events, they realized they wanted to be a location that can help artists as well. 

“It’s [the event] also a place for artists to be able to discuss things that are going on in the community,” Bryan said.

Local photographer Mason Mishael stressed that critique was “extremely valuable” in his artistic process. 

“In the very beginning process of creating art, I think it is very valuable to have some guidance,” Mishael said. “Though, as you become better at your craft, I’d say understanding other perspectives is more important.”

Mishael said that he received most of his critiques from artist friends. 

“If an artist stayed to themself and didn’t talk with other artists, their work would likely be pretty boring,” Mishael said. 

The Becks wanted the critiques made by and for artists to be positive and constructive in nature.

“We won’t tolerate bad mouthing somebody, somebody’s artwork or their personality or anything like that,” Bryan said. 

The event will have some COVID-19 precautions, Bryan said, like hand wash stations and masks available for anybody who wants them. 

Bryan and Yen-Ting are also offering the first drink for free to artists who bring work to critique along with the 15% discount on drinks from their craft beer bar. 

StARTup Studios hopes that the event might become weekly or monthly, depending on turnout.

“We’re not really sure what to expect as far as turnout, but we know that there’s people out there that could use just the conversation,” Bryan said. 

There is a contact window on their website and more information about the Meetup and Critique on their Facebook page