A new soul food/music festival gets its start in Macon


Courtesy of Jerrand Collins

The featured members of the Chitterling Circuits.

Combine Southern soul and rock ‘n’ roll  with collard greens and chitterlings and you get a Southern music festival full of fervor and flavor.  

Organizers said the Collard Greens and Chitterlings Music Festival serves as a mixer for all things soul.

The festival is on June 5 and runs from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Jerrand Collins, known on stage as Mr. J or Mr. CollardGreensMan, is both the host and one of the festival’s featured musicians. 

Collins plays a myriad of instruments including drums, bass, guitar and keyboard in his group “The Chitterling Circuits,” which includes bassist “Mr. Everett,” vocalist “Soultry,” and drummer “Mr. Wynn.” 

In his playing career, Collins has backed James Brown and been in a group with Little Richard’s cousin on top of his own musical experience.

Collins described “The Chitterling Circuits” as having a SoulFood delivery to their music. SoulFood being a play on the word soulful. 

Much of Collins’ music is SoulFood such as his single “Macaroni And Cheese pt1” on YouTube. 

The Collard Greens and Chitterlings Music Festival is the product of Collins SoulFood vision.

“It [Collard Greens and Chitterlings] was originally a song,” Collins said. “But then I became interested in trying to make it a movement.” 

The movement involves getting to the feeling of soul through food, specifically collard greens and chitterlings. 

“The Chitterling Circuits” won’t be pushing the movement alone. 

Collins invited  Nelson “Shack Man” Curry who is a national Southern Soul artist from Augusta, Georgia. 

“He’ll do about three songs,” Collins said. “The Sugaa Shack song is his hit single.” 

Though Collins has been working on his vision for over a year, he wants nothing more than “good music and entertainment” for all who attend.  

The Festival is located on 3115 Masseyville Road in Macon.

Tickets can be purchased at Ticketleap.com at a rate of $20 for General Admission, $15 for Advance admission, and $5 for Kids under 10.

Vendors can also get spots for $100 to $200.