10 Reactions to Super Bowl LII from an Eagles Fan

February 9, 2018

It has been 14 years since the Eagles were in the Super Bowl. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the only people remaining in the organisation are the Lurie’s, who own the Eagles, and maybe some front office executives. Now that we bagged a Super Bowl win, here are ten reactions long time Eagles fans had throughout the game:



  1. The Excitement, Nervousness, and Banter of the Build-Up

Part of the excitement surrounding the Super Bowl is being able to have some back and forth between fan bases.Patriot fans can get annoying with how often and much they throw around their Super Bowl record. Us Eagles fans on the other hand have a different reputation around the league. We are known for being a bit aggressive, a bit obnoxious, and plenty crazy. That craziness shows up whenever the team gets a big win and decides to climb every street post and pole possible The banter of fans reaches all the way into the Congress. Mike Capuano, a Massachusetts representative, and Bob Brady, a Pennsylvania representative, made a wager that the loser had to wear the other team’s helmet into a Congressional meeting.

  1. Commentators continuous mention of Eagles as the underdogs and Patriots as be all end all.

No one really likes to be called the underdog. After Chris Long wore one after beating the Falcons, Amazon quickly sold out dog masks and showes that Philly embraced the mentality. But just because we accepted it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t irritating and annoying when the team that was considered the underdog has the stats that point to them being the better team. The only stat this season that benefited the Patriots was that Belichick was the coach and Brady was the quarterback.

  1. The  Eagles Didn’t Hide the Greatest Weakness and Made it an Offensive Game

One of the most exciting plays an offense can run are the ones that involve throwing the ball deep. Head coach Doug Pederson didn’t call the game scared. Pederson didn’t redesign the offense to hide Foles and had him chuck the ball deep for massive yards. That kind of play got the blood pumping and really builds up the confidence for the team and fans. Foles stepped up and made all of us proud by not playing scared. The man even caught a touchdown himself.

  1. No Lead is Safe Against the Patriots

Halftime had the Eagles up by double digits and that felt so, so good. Until you remembered that you were playing the Patriots. Last Super Bowl the Falcons had that 25 point lead on them and still ended up losing. That was evident in the fact that in the second half the Patriots made the normal adjustments they do and kept the Eagles on the backfoot much of the third and fourth quarters.

  1. The Defense Was Looking Pretty Weak

“Defense wins championships” is a phrase I love. I came into this game thinking that it was gonna be a real close game. But it was a high scoring close game. Murphy’s Law came into effect this game, meaning our defense was good until it wasn’t.In the first half the Eagles were hitting all tackles, then in the second they were missing a lot. Prime example is when the Patriots have the monster that is named Rob Gronkowski that is double the size of any corner or safety and nobody can prime him down. It is just impossible to stop him and I’m not sure we would have until the Eagles defense came up with that oh-so-sweet fumble with three minutes left.

  1. The Super Bowl Super Commercials Were Super-Meh

In between action of drives and halves they had those ever famous Super Bowl commercials that cost millions upon millions of dollars. There were some funny ones, but for the most part they seemed to be what they would typically put out and there were definitely some duds put out this year. And to a fan that is getting more and more nervous as the game went on the commercials just blurred together and become unwanted interruptions.

  1. FeelsGoodMan When ex-Patriots Put a Hurt on Them

LeGarrette Blount and Chris Long made it difficult for the former teammates. Blount cut the Patriots defense good, smashing them for big runs and getting the only rushing touchdown for the Eagles. Long was impactful on defense coming up with tackles. Forcing scrambles on run and pass plays by pressuring Brady. These guys joined a list with two other players as players that won back-to-back Super Bowl but with different teams.  

  1. Five most Stressful Minutes of a Fans Life

The final minutes of the game would leave any fan with their heart in their throat. The offenses were going back and forth, switching the lead. That is until the Eagles defense comes up with our one and only turnover of the game forcing Brady to fumble. But with two minutes and some change left our coaching changes tactics and leaves too much time for Brady. With barely over a minute to go and the Patriots down eight with the ball in Brady’s hand. That to anyone facing the Patriots is nothing but pure panic time.

  1. Celebration Time Baby

Nothing beats the absolute joy of winning the Super Bowl and I have now witnessed the team I love doing just that. Just about two months ago we lost the most important piece to our team and now we can officially name ourselves the best team in the world. Older fans were celebrating by opening bottles of champagne they bought decades ago just for the moment. People were getting engaged in the midst of street celebrations. Oh yeah, remember when I said that Eagles fan were crazy? People climbing the street lights was the least of the police’s concerns. People climbed buildings and flipped cars.Those images will undoubtedly be just as popular as the images from the celebrations by the players and coaches the field. Let’s just hope the damage from partying isn’t too bad on the city.

  1. Looking Ahead to This Week…And the Future

Now  it’s time for that championship parade.This week and this month can be for the celebrations but there are some serious things that need discussing, most important being the challenge of defending the championship. One of the key challenges and the main challenge will be our quarterback situation and how does that dynamic work out and will it affect any of the attitudes and chemistry of the locker room? Will the team repeat the year after 2004 where the team went from appearing in the Super Bowl to having a losing record? What’s going to happen in the draft and free agency? All that can wait for next year cause right now I’m too happy and too care free to worry about what will happen next season.

Also, I hope this is the rise of the Pederson-Wentz lead Eagles dynasty and the fall of the Belichick-Brady lead Patriot dynasty.

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