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Carl Fambro sitting in front of one of his Mercer University memorabilia filled walls. His favorite part about owning a restaurant is the community involvement and connecting the people of Mercer Village with his chicken wings.
Cost of Violence: Understanding the impact of violent crime on communities
Keren Landman, For The Telegraph • August 10, 2020

Carl Fambro says West Macon has been left behind. Anchor businesses at its shopping centers — like Home Depot and the Burlington Coat Factory — have moved down the road....

Lynmore Estates Ambassadors take care of odd jobs for older residents in a program originally created through Habitat for Humanity.
'Ambassadors' help older residents in once-troubled Macon neighborhood
Rylee Kirk, Couric Fellow Intern • June 1, 2020

After her nephew was sent to prison, Sundra Woodford felt a “higher being” was calling her to help the young men of Lynmore Estates. Woodford found out that residents...

CCJ hosted a table  to discuss youth violence at Lanford Library during On the Table October 2019.
Lessons learned from Peacing Together on solutions to youth violence
Sonya Green May 4, 2020

When the community gathered in 2018 to talk about Macon-Bibb County’s assets and most pressing issues, the concern that rose to the top of the discussions was youth violence. At...

Macon, GA, 03/06/2020: Brenda Cardenas looks at a photo of her son, Pedro Garcia Jr., who was shot and killed in September 2018.
Losing Pedro: Murder and heartbreak in the words of a teenage victim’s mother
Joe Kovac, The Telegraph • May 1, 2020

Perched in a doorless closet off the living room in Brenda Cardenas’ house are photographs of her murdered son. On the floor below, tennis shoes that belonged him sit...

Peacing Together: Movies With a Message
Peacing Together: Movies With a Message
Amyre Makupson March 15, 2020

"Macon has a youth violence problem because of Macon itself," said Carl Myers with Equality Enterprises: After moving here from New York, Myers noticed something. "If...

Peacing Together series: Families who have lost loved ones to gun violence
Peacing Together series: Families who have lost loved ones to gun violence
Sonya Green and Amyre Makupson March 12, 2020

Youth violence is the cause of loss for many families. Data provided by the Macon-Bibb County Sheriff’s office show youth violence is on the rise. According to the...

Peacing Together: Parents as Teachers
Peacing Together: Parents as Teachers
Amyre Makupson March 5, 2020

Keeping youth out of the justice system and inside of the classroom, is a task that starts at home. That’s the thought behind the United Way’s “Parents as Teachers”...

Andrea Cooke is a Community Foundation mini-grant recipient. Cooke received funding for an idea to use drum circles to help heal trauma.
Drum circles; a Ph.D. student’s idea for treating trauma, gets mini-grant funding
Yasmeen Hill March 5, 2020

Andrea Cooke runs the Cooke Shoppe in Macon, a local store that sells products to promote wellness. She uses drumming and other forms of artistic expression as a therapeutic...

North Minneapolis school principal, Mauri Melander Friestleben is the subject of the documentary, "Love Them First: Lessons from Lucy Laney Elementary."
"Love Them First" documentary screening showing as part of Peacing Together project
Conner Hendricks, Student Journalist • February 27, 2020

Mercer’s Center For Collaborative Journalism will show “Love Them First: Lessons from Lucy Laney Elementary” Thursday, February 27 at the Bibb County Schools Professional...

ichael Gray, the great, great, great nephew of Lucy Craft Laney, at Washington Avenue Presbyterian Church on Tuesday with a Hall of Fame plaque from Lucy Craft Laney High School in Augusta, Georgia, that was presented to the family in 2016.
Educator Lucy Laney’s descendants work to keep her legacy alive in Macon
Sonya Green February 26, 2020

The name Lucy Craft Laney is associated with education in Middle Georgia, but for her family, who still live in Macon, there is more to her story that they want people to...

Peacing Together: "Love Them First"
Peacing Together: "Love Them First"
Amyre Makupson February 26, 2020

“This particular story is about community, it's about growth, it's about acknowledgement, but most important, it's about the resiliency of children,” said Keith Simmons. Simmons...

Peacing Together: "Stop the Killing, Macon"
Peacing Together: "Stop the Killing, Macon"
Amyre Makupson February 21, 2020

“Everyone has gotten tired of it. Everybody is now seeing just serious and how grave this situation is," said Facebook group admin, Nathaniel Jordan. Jordan's Facebook...

Lucy Craft Laney was a Macon born educator and founded a school for Black children, the Haines Normal and Industrial Institute, in  1883. The oil painting is located on the 3rf floor of the Georgia Capitol Building in Atlanta.
'Love Them First' documentary screening in Macon
Sonya Green February 18, 2020

“Anytime anybody sees a child that looks forlorn, lost, scoop ‘em up. Ask questions later but love them first,” says north Minneapolis principal Mauri Melander Friestleben...

Peacing Together: "Heal the Hood"
Peacing Together: "Heal the Hood"
Amyre Makupson February 14, 2020

6. That's how many homicides have happened in Macon so far in 2020. Now, a grassroots effort is forming to help “Heal the Hood.” Three pastors from three different...

Peacing Together: Karate Kids
Peacing Together: Karate Kids
Amyre Makupson February 7, 2020

Youth violence can come in many forms, and it often starts as bullying. In fact, in 2017, 49% of children between the ages of 4 and 12 reported being bullied at school, according...

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