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Feeding Faith: Building Connections Through Campus Ministries

Amyre Makupson February 27, 2019

Many college students will tell you that free food is a great way to grab their attention. At Mercer University, the UKirk campus ministry is helping students open up to one another to talk about faith...

A woman’s place is in the kitchen for inmates at the Bibb County Jail

Samantha Max, Report for America corps member February 22, 2019

MACON, GA. -- Just before noon on a rainy Wednesday in February, about a dozen women in hairnets and plastic gloves prepared a meal for the masses. The kitchen crew was tasked with cooking enough chicken...

Feeding Faith: Women’s Interfaith Alliance breaks bread and barriers

Amyre Makupson February 20, 2019

Over the last few weeks, we've shown you how food has been able to bring people of the same faith together for fellowship. But there's another group in Central Georgia using food to bring women of many...

Kingdom Life Pastor Dominique Johnson says food and faith can bring the Macon community together.

‘It’s not about the food,’ says Macon pastor. Church meals bring bring people together

Samantha Max, Report for America corps member February 20, 2019

MACON, GA. -- On a brisk Sunday in January, families, friends and strangers gathered for a hot meal at Kingdom Life church in east Macon. The congregation had just endured a 21-day fast to kick...

Feeding Faith: Vineville UMC in Macon

Amyre Makupson February 14, 2019

Our second stop is at Vineville United Methodist Church on Vineville Avenue in Macon where a simple midweek service brings believers together over bread. For more on this story, click here.

Just Curious: What Is Macon Vegans Meetup?

Lacee Getter, 13WMAZ Intern February 13, 2019

In the last decade there's been substantial growth in the population of people transitioning into eating a plant-based diet. Now what is a plant-based or vegan diet? It's when someone does not consume...

Feeding Faith: Centenary UMC Breakfast

Amyre Makupson February 12, 2019

Through our partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting, Grant Blankenship introduces you to a woman who is up bright and early every Sunday morning, helping to feed the souls and fill the bellies of...

Mercer University third-year medical student Ayana Graham tends her plot at a community garden behind Centenary United Methodist Church in Macon.

This Mercer University medical student is bringing fresh veggies to Macon’s food deserts

Samantha Max, Report for America corps member February 9, 2019

On an unseasonably warm February afternoon, Ayana Graham squatted beside a garden plot sprouting bunches of dark green kale and inspected their leaves. She methodically tore off yellowed pieces of lettuce...

Bear’s Beat Report: Making Alfredo

Amyre Makupson February 1, 2019

After a long day of work, sometimes the last thing that anyone wants to do is prepare a meal for dinner. This simple one- pot chicken Alfredo dish is an easy meal for a weeknight dinner when time and energy...

Shopping for the Super Bowl

Amyre Makupson January 31, 2019

Alright Central Georgia, it is time for the big game, the super bowl is this Sunday and if you’re getting ready to throw a big football party then you need to hit the store and grab those snacks, right?...

Bear’s Beat Report: Ocmulgee Brew Pub Celebrates Two Years

Amyre Makupson January 30, 2019

Ocmulgee Brewpub just celebrated two years of beers and burgers. I talked to brewpub employee Janice Etheridge about what made these past two years a success. She says the key is Ocmulgee’s authenticity. "I...

What’s in a Name? Soul food vs. Southern food

Aliyah Dorsey, Couric Fellow Intern January 24, 2019

When someone thinks of the South, food is often what comes to mind. Mac and cheese, collard greens, green beans and fried chicken are all hallmarks of what is popularly known as southern food. However,...

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