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Cost of COVID: Impact on Addiction Recovery

COVID-19 has changed the way people in substance abuse recovery can connect with other people.
Nicole Bailey-Covin November 18, 2020

The ongoing fight against substance abuse became harder when the Coronavirus surfaced. The cost of COVID-19 on addiction recovery includes statistics revealing increased cases of overdose, painful personal...

Cost of COVID: renewed appreciation of local libraries

Amyre Makupson November 16, 2020

We've all been affected by the cost of COVID in one way or another, and your local public library is no exception. The days of the Dewey Decimal System may be long gone, but right now, people...

On The Table Conversation Brings Community Together

On The Table conversations begin virtually on Nov 16  and run thru Nov 20.
Nicole Bailey-Covin November 12, 2020

At a time when our communities might feel divided, there is an opportunity to come together, talk and put positive plans into action.  Returning for the third year is the civic engagement initiative,...

Cost of COVID: fitness first

Amyre Makupson November 9, 2020

The quarantine 15 … that's a silly way some people are describing the weight gain they've experienced at home during the Covid-19 lockdown. As we continue our series looking at the Cost of COVID Amyre...

Cost of COVID: making money with masks

Amyre Makupson November 6, 2020

It's the hottest accessory that the fashion world never saw coming... As we continue our series looking into the various 'Costs of COVID,' Amyre Makupson with Mercer University's Center for...

Cost of COVID: Mayor vetoes $765K to boost internet technology for Bibb students

Bibb County students, like this student at Heritage Elementary school, were given laptops for at home, virtual school beginning in August.
Liz Fabian, Civic Reporting Senior Fellow November 5, 2020

Macon-Bibb County Commissioner Virgil Watkins made his point about inequities in internet access without saying a word Tuesday night. Watkins’ video froze on a Zoom call just as he wanted to speak...

Cost of COVID: Isolation is especially difficult for seniors with dementia

Amyre Makupson October 23, 2020

Too much isolation isn’t good for anyone but when it comes to people with dementia, the effects can be particularly devastating. Shelter in place in orders are putting a lot of unwanted distance between...

Food Insecurity and the COVID Impact

Some of the items boxed up for people during the Oct. 9 food give-a-way in South Macon.
Nicole Bailey-Covin October 14, 2020

What is the cost of COVID for families now forced to turn to food pantries in order to eat? According to the Urban Institute, one in six Americans were left food insecure during the first two months of...

Cost of COVID: area universities adapt to new learning modules

Amyre Makupson October 9, 2020

After making a lot of changes to the classroom in light of COVID-19, many area schools are approaching the mid-point in their semester. “We’re very safe at the moment, but again, our faculty, staff...

COVID-19 Vaccine Development and Public Opinion

Experts say a vaccine to fight COVID-19 may be on the market by  next spring.
Nicole Bailey-Covin October 8, 2020

Matthew Odom, contracted COVID-19  earlier this year  and survived the virus even with some pre-existing  kidney issues. The Mercer graduate, and award winning  photographer said he contracted the...

Keeping The Kitchen Open, To Graduate

Bibb County High School students earning credits, and preparing high end restaurant food through the district's culinary program at   Hutchings Career Academy.
Grant Blankenship October 5, 2020

Part of the culinary program at the Bibb County School District's Hutchings Career Academy is a high end restaurant which students staff. If the restaurant isn't making money, the students aren't earning...

From the Cherry Blossom Festival to Tubman Museum, how Macon tourism drop impacts you

JENNA EASON/THE TELEGRAPH Macon, GA, 03/30/2019: People walk to different sides of Third Street between the cherry trees at the Food Truck Frenzy on Saturday. The event was part of the Cherry Blossom Festival. JENNA EASON JEASON@MACON.COM
Jenna Eason, Telegraph Staff Writer October 5, 2020

When people stopped traveling to Macon-Bibb County during the coronavirus pandemic, fewer people stayed in the area’s hotels, reducing the amount of taxes the county receives for those hotel rooms. The...

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