Lake Tobesofkee: Macon’s Hot Spot for Warm Weather

As we approach a new season, it is time to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring days. What better way to soak up the warm sun and bright skies than visiting your local lake site. There are many great activities available.

Lake Tobesofkee is a unique Central Georgia recreation facility that is located only three miles from Interstate 475 right outside of Macon. The recreation has three public parks: Claystone, Sandy Beach, and Arrowhead Park, according to their official website.

The Tobesofkee recreation center has many activities such as fishing, camping, boating, picnicking, swimming, walking/bicycle trails, disc golf, and a butterfly garden.

The man-made recreational lake covers nearly eighteen hundred acres and has a 35-mile shoreline, according to

“I thought the lake was very peaceful and relaxing. The first time I went there was two years ago with my friends. We didn’t even know Macon had anything like this so we were pleasantly surprised,” said Brianna Ramsay, a senior at Mercer University. 

There have been new improvements made to the lake grounds and even more to come. 

According to Macon Mayor Lester Miller, these new additions include more restrooms, pavilions, and even pickleball courts. The lake has just finished its first phase of development. 

“People usually start to come out in March to enjoy camping and we usually stay busy up until November,” said Christy Thompson, Administrative Assistant of Lake Tobesofkee. 

Thompson said that traffic for the lake has slowed during Covid-19 but people are starting to come back out.

“People tell me so many times how much they simply just love the pure beauty of the lake. I call it Macon’s Peaceful Private Gem. You would be surprised by the many people who are not aware of the lake,” Thompson said. 

Lake Tobesofkee is open every day of the year. General admission is $3 and free for anyone under 6-years-old. Specific rates can be found on Lake Tobesofkee’s official website. 

“I just went there on March 13. My favorite part about going there is definitely throwing the football around with my friends and running around in the sand,” Ramsay said. “I love the feeling I get when going to the lake, it really reminds me that summer is getting closer and closer.”

Visit the official website to learn more about the spring and summer activities available at Lake Tobesofkee,