Five best Macon spots for dating in a pandemic


In the midst of a pandemic it seems like everything comes to a halt, but that doesn’t have to include romance. While getting to know someone over Zoom is an excellent way to bond, in person interactions are great too! Safe alternatives are a necessity and there are some amazing options right in Macon.

Here are the top five date spots to go to in Macon during the pandemic:

1. Tattnall Square Park

This beautiful park is located right near Mercer University. It features a playing field, playground and tennis courts. It’s definitely the ideal place to go with your partner to enjoy a nice picnic and watch a spring sunset (hint, hint!). Also, this park is located within walking distance of Mercer Village, which features different restaurants to stop at for food before laying down on a nice blanket and enjoying the natural environment. A major plus is that the park is more than big enough to partake in social distancing while enjoying a good time.

2. Ocmulgee Heritage Trail

Spanning 11 miles, this trail is absolutely perfect for a date! Enjoy scents of fresh air between Central City Park and Amerson River Park while staying socially distanced from other guests. This location is not only wheelchair accessible, but is ideal for walking, biking or even skating. In addition to this, the trail is an amazing place to get to know your partner thanks to the seclusion of this location.

3. Amerson River Park

Yet another outdoor location perfect for social distancing! In addition to the trail and playground located here, there is also the Ocmulgee River to go canoeing, tubing, or kayaking in! After enjoying a nice day on the water, there are several pavilions located within the park, perfect for eating a nice lunch or dinner before returning home.

4. Grand Opera House

A beautiful performing arts center, this is a great location to go to and sit down while watching a live show. Well known artists who have performed in the past include Janelle Monáe and Timothy Bloom. Visit the website and check under the “Events” tab to see what special showings are in store! In accordance with COVID-19 procedures, all guests must wear a face mask, pass a temperature check and sit in a socially distanced fashion.

5. Hay House

Often referred to as “The Palace of the South,” this historical Italian Renaissance Revival style house has been converted into a museum which is a great location to attend in the name of education. In accordance with COVID-19 guidelines, guests must reserve tickets in advance to ensure social distancing within the building and wear a face mask at all times.

Remember in the midst of dating during a pandemic to always be safe! Hand washing, mask wearing, and social distancing are essential to everyone’s safety. It may seem difficult to spend time with someone, but there are always alternative methods to try out!