Friends of Rosa Parks Square Board for Oct. 8, 2020

Members Present: Nancy Cleveland, Chair; Jim Beale, Carmalita Dillard, Bob Fickling, Louie Hargove, Sarah Hunt, Alex Morrison; Michele Harris for Joel Collins

Agenda Items:

* Communications Committee report was presented by J. Beale who indicated the are seeking ideas for a public ceremony rededicating the park. The Board voted to include George Muhammed on the Committee and members were encouraged to recruit for public additions to this committee as the work advances. In particular the need for social media help was addressed.

* The Design Committee reported that it didn’t meet due to a lack of quorum.

* The Fund Raising Committee reported (Alex Morrison) they had not met, but that hotel bonds were closed and $900,000 will be available in the Rose Parks Fund. A special account will be opened in Finance. In addition there is $54,000 from interest payments from sale of properties.

* Old Business: Chair Cleveland provided an update on the RFQ and RFP explaining that the holdup was possibly due to errors or submission with involvement of Procurement; therefore the RFQ will need to be redone with full board involvement. Proposals are already received from the builders. Cleveland will meet with Mayor Reichert on Monday, October 12 at 1pm to clarify what is needed to move forward. The committee can still pan for ribbon-cutting and a January campaign launch. Committee discussed the rededication ceremony with the hope that Ellis, Reichert and Miller would all be present. Since the park is a no-liquor venue, ideas were discussed about how to make it a family friendly event. The Communications Committee will hash this out.

* The Fund Agreement is proceeding, but there remains challenges with the wording.

* There was no New Business.

* Chair Cleveland requested permission to amend the Agenda to introduce a Bylaw change in Section 5 to state that if a member misses 3 meetings, unexcused, they would be replaced. After discussion the motion passed.