Pet peeves of the coronavirus

Unprecedented times come with a host of new issues that get under people’s skin. Some of them are a little hard to spot so we made you a list. Here are five pet peeves that came with the Coronavirus.

  • Eating in public spaces.

We get it, you want to eat when you’re hungry and sometimes you feel that you just can’t wait. But eating in public places like a bus stop or a park where there are other people, especially when the coronavirus can be transferred via spit, is a big no. It won’t hurt to wait until you’re home to eat those wings.

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  • You’re too close!

Social distancing is kind of like personal space, except it’s a bit bigger and more for safety than comfort. And just like personal space, some people need help figuring out what it is. Just keep away because you really don’t have to be right up on someone to tell them hello.

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  • We can hear you through your mask just fine.

Speaking of saying hello, a mask won’t get in your way from having a nice and long conversation. So you shouldn’t really need to pull it off the side to talk to someone. Might as well keep it on instead of making people uncomfortable.

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  • Cover that sneeze. 

You can’t really stop a sneeze once it gets started, but that doesn’t mean you have any excuse to not cover your mouth and nose. At least sneeze into your elbow if you don’t have a tissue. Spraying spit with an uncovered sneeze was disgusting in the first place, even before there was a virus running around. Keep that mess to yourself, please. 

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  • Just stop asking. 

Going out and being around your friends was fun, but people don’t usually like to be pressured into doing things they don’t want to even without a pandemic. So when someone declines your offer to hang out because they’re worried about the virus, don’t catch an attitude. They’re just trying to stay safe.

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