Five hidden heroes to thank and appreciate during the pandemic


COVID-19 changed life as we knew it for a lot of Americans.The real impact of the pandemic began to hit home in March. Grade schools went on hiatus, colleges sent students home to continue the semester online and businesses closed their doors.  As case numbers rose and more people got sent into a mini vacation from their responsibilities there were still some people going out into the world every day, risking their lives and working to make sure that we could still function on a day to day basis. Here are five hidden heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic who need more appreciation.

Emergency services

How many times have you had to call 911 during the pandemic? None? Once? A few times? Regardless of how many times you’ve called, they’ve been there. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you’re wearing a mask or not, help is on the way if you need emergency service, even during the pandemic.

Waste collectors

Pandemic or not, trash has to go somewhere. My trash was picked up every Tuesday morning during the pandemic. It’s safe to say our sanitation engineers have been on point all pandemic long, making sure our garbage and recyclables haven’t cluttered up our driveways and homes. That’s something to be grateful about. 

Public transportation professionals 

Just because Corona can travel with no problem does not mean that we can. Our bus drivers, train conductors and cab drivers have been making sure that when we do need to get somewhere, we can. Even more modern public transportation professionals, like our rideshare drivers.

Mail carriers and delivery drivers

No matter what’s going on in the world, we need to eat and shop.Mail and delivery are even more necessary now that we have more time on our hands for online shopping. We can’t forget the people who help to keep us out of restaurants and stores, but still have everything we need. That’s our UberEats, DoorDash, Postmates and Grub Hub drivers right along with our Amazon delivery drivers, FedEx drivers, and USPS drivers. They all deserve our thanks. 


Doctors and nurses gain the praise they so rightfully deserve for working to control the virus, but what about the scientists that are actively working to find a vaccine? The hospital is going to help the patients that have the virus, but the scientists are the ones to end the pandemic once and for all. And though we’re all anxious for it to be over, we need to extend them some extra appreciation and encouragement as they work through this in the best way that they can.

When we think of the “heroes” of the pandemic, we naturally think about the doctors and nurses hard at work to save lives. We also think of the people working at groceries stores who come into contact with countless customers daily to make sure we can still buy groceries. And that’s fine! We appreciate them. But what about these hidden heroes that work tirelessly in the background, that we may forget to show our appreciation?  Let’s remember them and give them our appreciation!