Age Friendly Community Meeting from Sept. 8, 2020

Names of members present

Myrtle Habersham, Simona Vickers, Karen Middleton, Hillary Johnson, George Meadows, Vivia Fowler, Sam Henderson, Greg Brown, Vivian Austin, Wanzina Jackson, Ivey Hall, Wayne Winters

Agenda Items

* Bike Walk Macon representative Rachel Hollar Umana reported on 4 programs/events: Open Streets Macon which has been converted to Neighborhood Activation during COVID on Maynard, Tatnall and Second Street, as well as Traffic Calming Projects, Love Your Street (community nominated streets needing assistance), My Bike Photo Series and the Macon Bike Party.

* Hillary Johnson gave an update on AARP’s State and national activities including September 11 National Day of Service where volunteers will send cards to a designated nursing home – Pruitt Health in Macon; also discussed were the Living with Alzheimers series and AARP Virtual Adventures.

* Sam Henderson, representing the Mayor complimented the committee on its work and requested information about potential vacancies on the board which can be filled before the mayor leaves office. Hopefully the Mayor-Elect and/or a member of the Transition Team will be available to meet with the AF Committee. Henderson gave a brief update about the Trane building; RFPs have gone out to contractors and the building will be used for public organizations.

* Action Plan Updates from housing: Karen Middleton shared the Age Friendly Living publication they have produced and distributed to seniors. Mentioned also was the Home Fit Program and efforts to bring that to Middle Georgia so that age-in-place expertise can be available locally. Ivey Hall talked about Habitat’s annual pickleball tournament fund raiser. AARP Volunteers developed fraud videos distributed through Home Buyers Club.

* Wayne Winters indicated that most of DFCS work is happening virtually, so there was little to report. Food stamps are being processed, etc. Clients needing service apply online and a worker calls back.

* Greg Brown reported on Transportation – work is ongoing on the initiatives; Georgia Walks Summit will occur October 22-23. A Census Motorcade occurred Aug. 29 in Unionville and Pleasant Hill to stir interest in census participation. The Vision Zero Action Plan has been working to advance their initiative; Pedestrian Safety Review Board has reviewed and it will go to the Public Safety Committee next and then on to the whole commission. AARP’s upcoming Livable Communities workshop (9/15-16) should provide useful ideas for local application.

* George Meadows reported that the Sheriff’s Office participated in a Book Bag Giveaway as well as in new training strategies for encounters with youth.

* Chair Habersham closed the meeting by noting that volunteers are working remotely; Sept. 19 there will be a training with the Scouts and that her office is receiving cleaning supplies for a new hotel for homeless vets. Finally, Macon Transit Authority has agreed to place AARP program pamphlets on buses and in the terminals. Next meeting will be November 9, at 9am, if Mayor’s schedule permits his attendance.