5 ways to treat yourself during quarantine


Being stuck in quarantine has left us with too much time than we know what to do with. Here are five ways to treat yourself will help make your quarantine much better, and give you something to do.

  1. New hairstyle

Learn a new way to braid your hair. If you have been French braiding your whole life, learn to Dutch braid or maybe try a fishtail braid. There are millions of YouTube tutorials out there that will help you find your next favorite hairstyle.


2. Workout routine

Feeling bored and restless at home? If your sport season got cut short, develop a workout routine. Maybe you just want to get in shape for the summer or need something to do. Start with something easy like going for a ten minute run everyday and then build yourself up to be able to workout longer.


3. Try a new recipe

Instead of baking classic chocolate chip cookies (even though they are amazing!) look for a new recipe. Try to challenge yourself and make something a little harder, such as soft pretzels or a loaf of bread.

4. Experiment with nail art

We all have bottles upon bottles of old nail polish colors that we have never finished. Dig them out of the closet and look for something that will inspire you. Teach yourself to paint small flowers or a cute pattern.


5. Clear up your skin

Use those face masks that you have stored in your bathroom closet and have never used. Or if you do not have any, make your own. They are simple to make and most likely you already have all the ingredients at home.


Next time you’re bored and feeling lazy, try one of these five ideas to treat yourself and make your quarantine much more enjoyable.