What Does Basketball Mean to You?


In today’s world, sports continue to be all the rage. Basketball season, one of the more popular times of the year, is just now being finished up locally. Macon, Georgia particularly houses basketball players who show exemplary skill and devotion to the sport. But we often look over the magic that happens behind the scenes and off the courts. Coaches in Bibb County dedicate their time and energy to building up the players we see and cheer on. Five coaches shared with me their insight into what basketball means to them.

Southwest High School

Varsity Girls Head Coach Willie Goolsby

“It’s not all about basketball, it’s about discipline. If you won’t give up on sports, you won’t give up on life.”

Coach Goolsby running practice a day before the State Championship.

Rutland High School

Varsity Girls Assistant Coach Amanda Maddox

“Basketball is teamwork. It’s about being a cohesive unit working together and being treated like family.”

Coach Maddox showing she’s still got her basketball skills.

Westside High School

Varsity Boys Head Coach Josh Grube

“Seeing a kid grow from grades 9-12, as a person and a student, is one of the most important things to me.”

Coach Grube watching his player execute a skill.

Rutland High School

Varsity Boys Head Coach Ron Christian

Coach Christian’s best experience with basketball this season was, “getting the guys to understand how to come together when it counted.”

Coach Christian at the free-throw line with a player.

Westside High School

Varsity Girls Head Coach Candace Roberson

“I have a program. I don’t have a team, because teams focus on winning and programs focus on life after they leave high school,” Roberson said. “Basketball is more than a game to me. It’s actually a foundation for life. Not only for myself, but for my players.”

Coach Roberson running drills with a player.