7 gifs that describe growing up in Macon


To be born and raised in Macon, Georgia (what some call a “Maconite”), is to be full of unique experiences that are earned just by being a native. Here are 7 gifs that describe part of what it means to be a Native Maconite.

Almost everyone in Macon criticizes the city at times. But the Macon community would read for filth any outsider who tried to criticize our hometown.

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2. Going to the movies habitually

There is almost always a new movie in town, and to be a Maconite you have to experience a trip to the only movie theater in the city. To add a little spice, you might even eat the expensive popcorn.

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3. Visiting the Museum of Arts and Sciences at least once in your life

A big deal, especially during your adolescent years, was a visit to the museum to explore and jokingly compare your friends’ appearances to the dinosaurs’.

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4. The Cherry Blossom Festival

This time of year is just a major rite of passage for every Maconite at any stage of life. The festival goes on for 10 days and it’s such an important time of year.

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5. Southern Hospitality

We feel a pressing urge to call every adult “ma’am” or “sir” and cringing when we’re told, “Oh! Don’t call me that because I’m not old.” Then, we proceed to reply, “Yes, ma’am!”

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6. Sports Rivalries

Our town takes athleticism very seriously. A bunch of schools go neck to neck in both football, basketball and other sports. Since it’s a relatively small town, it seems as though the entire city comes to every rival game.

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7. The yearn for youth prosperity

In all seriousness, it’s likely that outsiders view Macon as a place of crime. However, many Maconites care deeply about putting an end to the crime and educating the youth community in a way that will help them to prevail.

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Overall, there is a distinctive understanding amongst the natives in this town. Find a Maconite and see how many of these gifs they relate to.