Netflix vs. Hulu


In today’s economy, no one is ever opposed to saving money. New hacks are being discovered each day. One really cool one is saving money by using a streaming service rather than paying for cable. A lot of people can relate to this, especially college students and young adults with no children. The important question is which streaming service should you use?

The two big ones, Netflix and Hulu, are very similar but still have significant differences.

1. Price

Hulu originally had a flat price of $7.99 per month. However, as of February 2019, the price dropped to $5.99. This price would win most over, but don’t forget: Hulu has commercials! You can watch commercial free for $11.99 a month.

Netflix charges by the number of screens you want to be able to watch at once. For one, you pay a flat of $8.99 per month. For two screens, you would pay $12.99.

2. Original Content

Hulu is loaded with TV Shows. If you’re wanting to watch the next-day airing of shows from NBC, ABC, Fox and other networks, for the price, Hulu is your best bet!

Netflix originally began as DVD rental service so that explains why it’s viewed as a movie hub. But, Netflix has moved to become more TV show oriented providing a good mix of both TV series and movies. Netflix also has more original content compared to Hulu.

3. Interface

Hulu offers a guide that is easier to navigate due to its lists. It also offers a “My Stuff” tab to save shows and movies for faster access.

Netflix has categories, making it a bit more difficult to navigate. Netflix also offers a “My List” tab to save your favorite shows and movies.

Both streaming services have their pros and cons. It is up to you and your preferences to determine which one works for you. Whether you choose Netflix or Hulu, they are both great ways to save money when budgeting.