The Think Pink Committee Holds the Pink Poodle Parade 2023

Friday, February 3, the Think Pink Committee held its annual “Pink Poodle Parade” at the 567 Center for Renewal. Since 2016, artists and creative individuals are invited to compete by taking a blank, pink wooden poodle and turning it into an art piece following the theme of the Cherry Blossom festival. Before the poodles are judged, they are put on display at 567 Centers for Renewal on spring street until February 28th. Visitors to the exhibit are welcome Monday through Friday, hours 11 A.M. through 4 P.M . and can purchase a poodle for $130 and receive them once the contest is over. Winner poodles will be displayed in downtown storefronts until the festival ends.

A woman has her photo taken with a wooden poodle decorated with mirrors, symbolic of an angel at the “Pink Poodle Parade”. On Friday, February 3rd 2023, 21 artist’s decorated wooden poodles from the Macon area’s were put on display and a First Friday art opening was held to celebrate at the 567 Center for renewal on First Street.
(Caris Weinberg)
Paul and Alice Williams with their dog “Cherry” at the art opening. The Williams’ are the owner of the famous poodle who appears at various Cherry Blossom events annually. The couple has brought their famous pink poodle dogs to the festivals for over 20 years. Since the festival season has not begun, Cherry fashioned the rest of her dye that had grown out from the previous year. She will be re-dyed in March.
(Caris Weinberg)
Four poodles stand on display in the 567 Center for Renewal. The wood the poodle cutouts are made out of is supplied and cut by the Marshall Lumber Company. After being primed pink, the 2023 pink poodle parade wooden poodles were distributed to artists in October last year to begin their work (Caris Weinberg)
Two women gaze at the poodles at the event Friday. A crown turned out to see the pieces as well to enjoy light refreshments. Attendees could go free and it was welcome to all ages. (Caris Weinberg)
Donna London and Betty Ragland stand near two decorated poodles, one being made with ceramic. “I have 18 in my yard,” says 2009 senior cherry blossom queen, Betty Ragland who also co-founded the Think Pink Committee, which is volunteers in charge of promoting the Cherry Blossom Festival. They have put on the pink poodle parade, to represent the festival’s mascot, art gallery since 2016, with the exception of 2021 when it could not be held due to the pandemic. (Caris Weinberg)
Sue Bond, Think Pink coordinator stands with her own poodle creation that is a Japanese design. “The two parrots are love and devotion,” she says. The parrots were inspired by a porcelain bowl she had at home and the stylized cherry blossoms allude to the theme of the festival.Bond also said her poodle in last year’s competition was inspired by a Japanese vase. (Caris Weinberg)
A woman enjoys a drink as she views the artistic creation of two poodles, the front one having been done by a school teacher. Opportunity to see the poodles all together in the 567 center for renewal last until February 28 when the contest is over and the winners are displayed in storefronts downtown and home to the people who purchase any. (Caris Weinberg)