What brings you to the park?


Samantha Vaquero

A picture of Tattnall Square Park.

There are many reasons to go to the park. Some people go for fun. Others go to destress or to simply enjoy the nice weather. Five people were interviewed in Tattnall Park about what brought them to the park. And, here’s what they said.

  1. “I just wanted to enjoy the sunlight and get out,” David Veal said.

    David Veal (Photo by Samantha Vaquero).
  2. “I just wanted to come out, walk around, and exercise,” Charles Gray said.

    Charles Gray (Photo by Samantha Vaquero).
  3. “I just wanted to get some food and support Hank’s Food Truck,” Marvine Carter said.

    Marvine Carter (Photo by Samantha Vaquero).
  4. “I came out because there’s a pickle ball tournament this weekend and to support Hank’s Food Truck that’s here every Wednesday for the Mulberry Market,” Dr. Thomas D. Smith said.

    Dr. Thomas D. Smith (Photo by Samantha Vaquero).
  5. “I came out because my sister wanted to play on the playground,” Calaiya Mann said.
    Calaiya Mann (Photo by Samantha Vaquero).