Macon resident Emily Hopkins shares her experience hunting for a home

After 7 years of renting in Macon, Ga., Emily Hopkins is ready to buy a home of her own. While she has only officially been looking at houses for two months, she wishes she started earlier.

“There’s just really not much out there,” she says, “I think if I had been looking this time last year, I probably would have looked at twice as many houses.”

Hopkins explains that make of the houses that come on the market are under contract within 24 to 48 hours. “When it comes to actually trying to make this really big decision as a first time homebuyer, there’s really not that much time. You’ve got to have your mind made up pretty quick,” she says, “You might see it on Friday and then by Monday morning it already says ‘pending’.”

She is lucky to have seen a few home before they have even been listed.

Despite her chaotic experience with home buying so far, she is sure she wants to put down roots by purchasing a home. “There are so many really cool unique houses in Macon and really vibrant and exciting neighborhoods,” she says, “It’s a really good place to live and a really great place to buy as well.”